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New Parent?


Schedule a Sitting Job


If this is your first time scheduling a job with Sitter Hub  , we offer a one time babysitting trial free of the subscription price.


Thank you for working with Sitter Hub   ! 

We hope your sitting experience goes well!


Sitter Hub is run out of the Barrington area, bringing the community together one babysitting job at a time.

Our service is more affordable than our competing babysitter services.

We guarantee our parent subscribers a babysitter 99% of the time. 



Our Subscription costs only $50 to last you 6-months of our service. When you need a babysitter, all you have to do is complete the scheduling form above and we will email you with available babysitters. New parents pay $15 for first time trial. Interested? 


We ask that you pay your babysitter $16 an hour + $3 every additional child. To keep our service running, we request 15% of the babysitters hourly rate. 

Last Minute Requests (36 hours before Job): $20 fee

Father and Son Playing

Are you a babysitter?

Our service allows you to choose what babysitting jobs you would like to take whenever you are available.


Hourly Rate: $16 an hour + $3 every additional child 


*To keep our service running, we request 15% of your hourly rate. 

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